Casagrande becomes meme for looking like Spider-Man’s villain

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Editing with Alfred Molina and Walter Casagrande (reproduction)

Last Monday (22) was a busy day for Spider-Man fans after the release of the trailer for Spider-Man: No Return Home. However, a detail in the trailer caught the attention of Brazilian fans, especially those linked to football.

During its trailer, the movie preview introduced an old Spider-Man villain to MCU, interpreted by Alfred Molina, Dr. Octopus will appear in the new Marvel feature.

However, Brazilian fans couldn’t help but notice the similarities between Molina and the Globo TV commentator Walter Casagrande. As a result, Twitter users did not forgive the situation, and several memes emerged.

Check out the best of them:

Finally a trailer

Spider-Man Scene: No Return Home (Playback / Marvel)

Sony recently obliged and grudgingly released the long-awaited trailer for Spider-Man: No Return Home, after an unofficial teaser was leaked on the internet.

As expected, the trailer for the film was focused on the direct consequences of the post-credits scene from Spider-Man: Away from Home, in which Spider-Man’s identity was revealed.

However, the trailer, which is just over two minutes long, has disappointed some fans. That’s because, according to a rumor published on Reddit, the actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield did not appear in the trailer for the new film.

The participation of Peter Parker’s first interpreters in the films produced by Sony became one of the big rumors and, later, one of the biggest expectations for the third film in the franchise, now starring Tom Holland.

By the participation of Maguire and Garfield and the possible creation of the Spider Back still being a big rumor, fans are desperate for any clue OFFICIAL that confirms the participation of the actors in the new feature.

Venom on the MCU?

As said, Spider-Man: No Return Home can unite the three versions of Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

However, those who think that this may be the only great achievement of the film are wrong, as the production also promises to unite the universes of Sony and Marvel characters, as the film will have a direct connection with Venom – Time of Carnage.

Recently, Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel Studios, revealed that Spider-Man: No Homecoming really will be connected with the upcoming Venom movie.

In this way, the studios will take a big step together, allowing Marvel to sensibly and rationally integrate the MCU franchises with Sony-developed events into their own franchises.

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