Casagrande defends itself from controversy: “I never told David Luiz not to come to Flamengo”

Former football player and now sports commentator, Walter Casagrande, was involved in a controversy about a possible return of David Luiz to Brazilian football and, questioned by several fans of Flamengo on social media, assured that they are distorting his lines.

“I’m not going to explain myself for things I didn’t say. I never said that David Luiz shouldn’t come to Flamengo, ever. I talked about the Brazilian problem, about inflation and boiling politics. Even with images, they distort everything, lie and invent things you say. They start to detonate people. Anyone who wants to see the Seleção Sportv last week, will see what I said. I even set my example, when I thought about going back because my son only spoke Italian. Flamengo’s proposal came and I thought it was the limit to return to Brazil and I decided to return”.

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Last weekend, during participation in the program “Exchange of Passes“, at the SportTV, the commentator advised David Luiz to think carefully about the reality of Brazil inside and outside the four lines before returning to the country.

“You can’t arrive here in Brazil and see championship disorganization, travel problems, bad situations… And think: “I could be in London, in Lisbon”. It’s no use anymore. You have to know where you’re coming from. where it’s going to fall. Because it’s a place (Brazil) that is boiling. It’s not just a football club, but the business is boiling.”

The statement also reverberated within Flamengo, since the red-black fans are campaigning for the hiring of the defender. Asked about the matter, the vice president of football for the Rio team, Marcos Braz, said that Casagrande was doing Brazilian football a disservice.

“I respect Casagrande, but in this situation, he did a disservice to Brazilian football. I didn’t understand his suggestion to David Luiz. .

The leader also made a point of emphasizing that, at least so far, he has not made a proposal to David Luiz.

There is absolutely nothing official, nothing close. (David Luiz) is a Brazilian national team player. Three years ago, he made a video, posted it again implying that it was now. The player was in Angra dos Reis for three months, has relatives in Juiz de Fora, if I’m not mistaken. It’s very close to Rio, and this request was made (from the fans). But there’s nothing. If you talk about a defender, there will always be someone on our list and it has to be that way. But we have nothing to talk about David Luiz, there was no proximity, no issue related to the proposal, there is nothing like that.”

As I brought the goal, Flamengo monitors the situation of David Luiz, who has been free on the market since May, when he left Arsenal. The red-black player waits for the player to decide whether or not he wants to return to Brazil to assess whether he can propose something.