CBF Ethics Committee rejects allegations of sexual harassment and punishes Caboclo for 15 months for ‘inappropriate conduct’

The Ethics Committee of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) decided to remove the current president of the entity, Rogério Caboclo, for 15 months (three already fulfilled) for “inappropriate conduct”, after investigating the allegations of sexual and moral harassment presented by an employee of the entity.

The agency understood that the two types of harassment argued by the employee who complained of the complaints – presented on June 4th – did not occur.

After nearly three months of investigation, the group classified the audios presented and behaviors reported in the depositions only as “inappropriate conduct”.

One fact, incidentally, caught the attention of those present. At first, those responsible for the trial voted for a 12-month punishment, three of which have already been served. However, when informed that the removal would end in nine months and could allow a return of Caboclo in the first half of 2022 – with the possibility of participating in the election for the 2023-2027 term, they changed the vote for a removal by 15 months (three of which have already been completed).

The decision was communicated to Rogério Caboclo’s lawyers in a video conference held this Tuesday afternoon (24). The manager spoke through an official note (read below).

Now, the determination of the Ethics Committee will now be presented for a vote by the presidents of state federations.

The punishment can only be implemented if approved by three quarters of the 27 football federations, in a general meeting to be convened in the coming days.

It should be noted that, initially, the meeting was scheduled for this Wednesday, but was suspended by the Brazilian Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration this Tuesday.

While Caboclo is away, the presidency of the Confederation is occupied by Colonel Nunes.

Read Rogério Caboclo’s note on the case

I calmly receive the decision of the Football Ethics Commission. The rejection of the harassment charge is correct and to be expected, as I never committed this act and my defense proved my innocence. This decision shows how illegal and hasty was the decision of the same committee to remove me from office before opening space for me to defend myself.

The leave for another 12 months, in turn, is unfair and illegal. This is another chapter in the frame of former president Marco Polo Del Nero, banned from football for corruption, to get me out of the CBF and reassume control of the entity through his allies. My defense will appeal in appropriate instances against this punishment.