CBF Ethics Committee rejects harassment of Caboclo and opens the opportunity for the manager to return – 08/24/2021 – Sport

The Ethics Committee of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) informed the presidents of state federations that it had upheld a complaint against President Rogério Caboclo for inappropriate conduct, but ruled out crimes of sexual and moral harassment.

The agency suggested this Tuesday (24) a 15-month leave of absence from the leader – to run from the last 6th of June.

This means that Caboclo could return to the position during his term, which ends only in April 2023. He was temporarily removed from the presidency by decision of the same Ethics Committee, after an employee of the entity accused him of sexual harassment and morals.

The 15-month sentence will need to be ratified at the general assembly by representatives of the 27 state federations. Or rejected, which would allow Caboclo to return to office immediately.

The meeting had been scheduled for this Wednesday (25) at the confederation’s headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro.

On Tuesday, however, the CBMA (Brazilian Center for Mediation and Arbitration) accepted a request from Caboclo’s defense to suspend the summons.

CBF has not yet commented on the CBMA decision. Until the publication of this text, the entity also did not inform a new date for the meeting. Behind the scenes, it is believed that the meeting should take place next week.

The CBMA is an arbitration chamber chosen by entities to resolve commercial and electoral conflicts.

Emergency arbitrator Paula Forgioni accepted the request of Caboclo’s defense to suspend the meeting, in an injunction. Caboclo has been away from the organization since June 6th.

The notice of the general meeting summons the 27 presidents of state federations to know the opinion and confirm or not the sanctions suggested by the Ethics Committee. The leaders had access to the group’s recommendation only this Tuesday.

According to the CBF statute, the general assembly must have a quorum of at least 21 representatives of state federations to decide whether or not to confirm the sanction proposed by the Ethics Committee.

It will take 80% of the votes in favor to punish Caboclo. In case of 27 participants, for example, 22 top hats are required.

Supporters of the ousted president believe Caboclo can garner up to 12 positive votes.

On the other hand, opponents of the leader argue that, if the president accused of sexual and moral harassment is kept in office after the meeting is concluded, the CBF could suffer from a stampede from its sponsors.

With the denunciation of sexual harassment removed, Caboclo sees a chance of receiving a milder punishment than his definitive dismissal, a possibility that was discussed earlier this Tuesday. However, if the 15-month leave is confirmed, he will lose his chance to run for re-election. Its term runs until April 2023, and the next election will be in April 2022.

In audios recorded by the first employee to denounce Caboclo, released by Fantástico and which culminated in her removal, it is possible to hear the top hat questioning whether she masturbated and had a romance with another employee of the institution.

The representative is also investigated by the Ethics Committee in two other processes. One for moral and sexual harassment and the other for moral harassment.

Caboclo believes that his removal from the presidency is the result of a sequence of actions orchestrated by Marco Polo Del Nero behind the scenes. The former representative of the entity, banned from football after a corruption scandal in 2015, is still a very influential figure in the CBF.

Caboclo said, in a statement, that the rejection of the harassment charge is correct, but he considered the removal for another 12 months unjust and again shot Del Nero.

“This decision shows how illegal and hasty was the decision of the same commission to remove me from office, before opening space for me to defend myself,” stated Caboclo. “This is another chapter in the frame of former president Marco Polo Del Nero to get me out of the CBF and reassume control of the entity through his allies. My defense will appeal in the appropriate instances against this punishment.”

If Caboclo were banned, it would be up to Antônio Carlos Nunes, 82, to preside over the organization for another 30 days, as he was the oldest among the eight vice-presidents. During this period, he should call for an election to complete the mandate – until April 2023.

Only the eight vices could apply for the emergency election. In addition to Colonel Nunes himself, Antônio Aquino, Castellar Modesto Guimarães Neto, Ednaldo Rodrigues, Fernando Sarney, Francisco Novelletto, Gustavo Feijó and Marcus Vicente are also eligible.

The one with the most votes in a single round would win. In case of a tie, the oldest vice president would be declared elected to the presidency.

In the entity’s elections, the presidents of the clubs of the two first divisions of the Brazilian Championship and the 27 representatives of the state federations vote.