CBF vice presidents appoint Ednaldo Rodrigues to lead the organization until the end of the Caboclo case | soccer

The Board of Directors of CBF decided this Wednesday to choose Ednaldo Rodrigues to replace Antônio Carlos Nunes, Colonel Nunes, in charge of the entity.

The meeting was attended by the eight members of the council, formed only by the vices. Now, the vices are going to meet with the presidents of the state federations, who are meeting in a hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

+ Ethics Commission paves the way for Rogério Caboclo’s return to the presidency of the CBF

In contact with the ge, Ednaldo said that he agreed to lead the CBF until the end of the case against Caboclo in an attempt to “pacify” the entity. An accountant by training and one of the vice-presidents of the CBF, he was president of the Bahia Federation of Football for nearly two decades. He left power in 2019 and has no close relationship with Rogério Caboclo or Marco Polo Del Nero.

+ Another CBF employee denounces Caboclo

Ednaldo Rodrigues will be in charge of the CBF — Photo: Tamires Fukutani

CBF is going through one of the biggest crises in its history. Rogério Caboclo was removed from the presidency in June after being accused of sexual and moral harassment by an employee of the entity, who recorded the manager asking if she masturbates, among other attitudes. Since then Colonel Nunes was in the presidency. On Tuesday, the Football Ethics Committee dismissed allegations of harassment and recommended that Caboclo be removed for 15 months for “inappropriate conduct”.

The committee’s opinion concerns the first complaint. In total, three women claim to have been harassed by Caboclo. Two of them filed formal complaints, and a third did not, but declared to the Public Ministry that they had been harassed by the leader.

Caboclo may return to the presidency of the CBF next week — Photo: Wilton Junior/Agência Estado

The Ethics Committee’s recommendation will be analyzed by the General Assembly, formed by the presidents of the 27 state federations. Initially, Ednaldo Rodrigues is in charge of the CBF until the assembly, which will probably take place next week. If Caboclo remains away from the entity, there will be another meeting to decide the next steps.

The presidents of the state federations were angered by the opinion of the Ethics Committee, which recommended the suspension of Caboclo for 15 months. If the suggested penalty is maintained at the General Assembly, the removed president will return to the confederation in September 2022, before the end of his term, scheduled for April 2023.

The revolt is so great that the presidents of the federations are even considering absolving Caboclo in the assembly, which would make him immediately return to the presidency of the CBF. According to these directors, if the opinion of the Ethics Committee gives the president the chance to return to office, he had better return soon.

The complaint against Caboclo

On June 4th, a CBF employee filed a complaint of sexual and moral harassment against Rogério Caboclo. The document was delivered to the CBF Ethics Committee and the Governance and Compliance Board.

Among the facts narrated by her, there are constraints suffered by her in trips and meetings with the president and in the presence of directors of CBF. In the complaint, the employee details the day when the manager, after successive abusive behavior, asked if she “wanked” – the audio of this conversation was revealed by Fantástico on June 6th. Among other episodes, according to the employee, Caboclo tried to force her to eat a dog biscuit, calling her a “bitch”.

Hear audios of the complaint of harassment against Rogério Caboclo, removed from the presidency of the CBF

Hear audios of the complaint of harassment against Rogério Caboclo, removed from the presidency of the CBF

Two days after the complaint, on June 6, Caboclo was removed from the presidency of the CBF for 30 days, by determination of the Football Ethics Commission. At the time, the organization informed that the process would continue in secrecy. The removed president denies the charges. On July 3, the Commission renewed Caboclo’s leave of absence for 60 days, until the end of the investigation, whose opinion was released on Tuesday.