Charlie Watts, Stones drummer who died at 80, would no longer participate in the band’s new tour – 08/24/2021 – Illustrated

Drummer Charlie Watts, who died aged 80 on Tuesday (24), would no longer participate in the next Rolling Stones tour. He was away from his music career due to health problems.

Watts died 19 days after announcing on the band’s social networks that he would need to be absent from performances because he had undergone emergency surgery. The cause has not been revealed.

The Rolling Stones had announced the resumption of touring in July, after postponements caused by the pandemic. Thirteen performances were scheduled to take place in the United States through November. The band has yet to say if there will be any changes with the death of Charlie Watts.

In a note on the group’s social networks, the Stones mourned Watts’ death. “He was one of the greatest drummers of his generation,” says the statement, which asks the band members for privacy at this time.

During the Stones’ new tour appearances, Charlie Watts would be replaced by Steve Jordan — but the idea was that he would get back on sticks and be able to celebrate the group’s 60 years on stage next year.

“I’m trying hard to be okay, but I’ve accepted, on doctor’s recommendation, that this will take a while. After all the disappointment with the tour delay caused by Covid, I don’t want the Stones fans in the US who have already bought tickets to have tickets. another postponement or cancellation, so I asked my good friend Steve Jordan to cover for me,” said Watts, who has been playing with the Stones since 1963.

This would not be the first time Jordan has taken on the role of the drummer, who left the band in 2004 to treat cancer.