Charlie Watts was the third oldest Stone; remember who has already joined the band – 8/24/2021 – Illustrated

Since establishing their classic lineup in the early 1960s, the Rolling Stones have changed members a few times. Charlie Watts, drummer who died on Tuesday, was the third longest-lived member, just behind Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Mick Jagger, 78 years old

The vocalist, and eventually guitarist or guitarist, remains firm and strong at the head of the Stones, which he has been part of since 1962, the year the group was founded. He has already released some solo records.

Keith Richards, 77 years old

The main guitarist and who also usually sings some songs has also been with the Stones since 1962. Like Jagger, he has already released solo albums.

Charlie Watts, 80 years old

He joined the band a year after its founding, in 1963. He owned the drumsticks and recorded all the Stones’ records, from the first, “The Rolling Stones”, from 1964, to the last, “Blue & Lonesome”, from 2016.

Ron Wood, 74 years old

The current guitarist is now the third longest-lived in the group, after Watts’ death. He joined the band in 1975, after passing through The Birds, Small Faces and Jeff Beck Group. He replaced Mick Taylor on guitar and, even with the Stones, he did not stop playing with Rod Stewart and recording records with other partners.

Brian Jones, dead at 27

He participated in the foundation of the band and, despite having the guitar as his main instrument, he also sang and played several instruments, such as harmonica, zither, harp and sax. He had drug problems and was found dead in his swimming pool in 1969, a month after being kicked out of the group.

Bill Wyman, 84 years old

A Stones bassist since the band’s first day, Wyman left the group in 1993, tired of touring. Known for being the quiet stone, he now plays solo projects and owns restaurants, as well as the author of two books about the Stones. Since he left, the band has continued without an official bassist, although support musician Darryl Jones has remained in the post from 1993 until today, including recording records.

Mick Taylor, 72 years old

Guitarist from the Stones’ most creative phase, he was in the band from 1969, when he replaced Brian Jones, until 1975, when he replaced Ron Wood. Taylor continued to play on records by various artists such as Bob Dylan and Joan Jett, among many others. He is known as the first stone to voluntarily leave the band.

Ian Stewart, dead at 47

Founder of the band, the keyboardist was removed from the lineup because six people would have been too many for a pop band in the 1960s. He continued as a tour manager and played keyboards on the group’s records until his death in 1985. He was immortalized in the song “Boogie with Stu “, from Led Zeppelin.