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The quarterfinal games of the Brasileirão Feminine ended yesterday, 23, and now the teams that dispute the semifinal of the competition are defined; check out how the matches went:

São Paulo 1 x 3 International

São Paulo started the second game with a 2-1 lead in the first match, but Internacional chased after the result, won 3-1 and qualified.

The Tricolor Paulista opened the scoring with Gislaine. Still in the first half, Fabiana Simões sends a bomb that hits the crossbar and enters, leaving everything the same on the scoreboard.

In the second stage, Ari takes the corner and turns to Coloradas. To close, Shasha took advantage of the counterattack and guaranteed Internacional’s victory and classification.

4 x 1 Guild Palms

After having lost the first game 2-1, Palmeiras thrashed Grêmio 4-1 and qualified in the Brasileirão. In the first half, Ary Borges sent a bomb to the goal and opened the scoring and Grêmio drew with Eudimilla.

After a header, the ball deflected and Agustina puts Palmeiras in front of the score again, Carol Baiana extended the advantage and Maria Alves closed the score and guaranteed the classification for the palestrinas.

Corinthians 6 x 0 Avaí/Kindermann

The biggest advantage of the first games, Corinthians had won 4-1 and now thrashed Avaí/Kindermann by 6-0. With a penalty, Vic scored Corinthians’s first at 15 of the first half. Adriana kicked hard, the ball was deflected and entered, 2-0. Yasmim scored with Vic and scored the third.

At the start of the second half, Jheniffer receives a cross and swings the net, scoring the fourth goal. The fifth goal was scored by Tamires and, to close, Kati scored hers: Corinthians 6, Avaí/Kindermann 0.

Santos 2 x 2 Railway

After losing 3-2, Santos went after the victory against Railway, but was almost there! The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

Cristiane crossed, Sole James dodged and scored the first of the Vila Mermaids. At the beginning of the second half, Ferroviária drew with a great goal from Rafa Mineira.

First, Day Silva puts Santos back in front of the scoreboard, but Aline Milene hits the goalkeeper’s exit and leaves everything the same, guaranteeing a spot for the Grenás Guerreiras.

Check out how the matches of the Brasileirão Women’s semifinal turned out:

Corinthians x Railway
Palm trees x International

*Duels don’t have a date yet

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