Chinese alcoholic beverage brand tops world list

Chinese Moutai is evaluated as the most valuable alcoholic beverage brand in the world, according to Kantar’s BrandZ ranking. With a growth of 103% in the last year, the company reached the value of US$ 109.3 billion.

Moutai is a bajiu (liqueur), made from rice and fermented sorghum. A half-liter bottle costs, on average, 1,498 yuan, or about R$1,250.

Considered a luxury drink, the brand has mainly attracted people from the country’s middle class.

According to the survey, Moutai’s growth contributed to the segment as a whole. The top 20 alcoholic beverage companies totaled US$245.3 billion, up 49% from the 2020 ranking.

Category ranking

Behind Moutai are famous beer brands such as Budweiser, Heineken and Stella Artois. These companies occupy the second, fourth and fifth positions, with market values โ€‹โ€‹of US$16.1 billion, US$12.8 billion and US$10.9 billion, respectively.

The Brazilians Skol and Brahma, were in ninth and sixteenth place. They are valued at $7.3 billion and $3.8 billion, in that order.

In third place of the most valuable is Wu Liang Ye, which also produces bajiu. This one, made with five organic grains and manufactured by Wuliangye Yibin, is a direct competitor of Moutai. The company has a market value of $14.5 billion.

According to Kantar’s evaluation, 2020 was a difficult year for alcoholic beverage brands, due to losses in the hotel market and the closing of bars and restaurants, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, when the topic is marketing, companies have lost visibility in major music festivals and sports championships. And, with that, they had to adapt to everyday occasions.

Check out the full ranking (in billions of dollars):

  1. Moutai (China) – US$ 109.330
  2. Budweiser (USA) – US$ 16,173
  3. Wu Liang Ye (China) – $14,539
  4. Heineken (Netherlands) – US$12,879
  5. Stella Artois (Belgium) – US$ 10,901
  6. Bud Light (USA) – US$ 9,373
  7. Corona (Mexico) – US$ 8.893
  8. Jack Daniel’s (USA) – US$ 7,766
  9. Skol (Brazil) – US$ 7,303
  10. Cass (South Korea) – US$7,024
  11. Hennessy (France) – $5,845
  12. National Cellar 1573 (China) – US$4,921
  13. Tecate (Mexico) – US$ 4,186
  14. Smirnoff (Russia) – US$ 4,113
  15. Guinness (Ireland) – US$ 3,846
  16. Brahma (Brazil) – US$ 3,834
  17. Yanghe (China) – US$ 3,718
  18. Michelob Ultra (USA) – US$ 3,715
  19. Model (Mexico) – US$3,472
  20. Asahi (Japan) – US$3,472