Chinese companies have already taken 20% of Samsung’s screen market

South Korean manufacturer may also be surrendering to Chinese displays

THE Samsung dominated the OLED screen market for a long time, being the pioneer in bringing this technology to smartphones and the main supplier in this market. But the popularization of this technology also ended theended up attracting Chinese competitors to this market, and currently they are slowly ending the dominance of the South Korean giant.

For a long time the maker of Galaxy smartphones controlled more than 90% of the OLED display models used in cell phones, but with the competition starting to arrive, this domain has already dropped to 69.5%. Currently the Samsung sells a total of 101 million units of these screens, a drop of 20% compared to previous months.

Some of the main new competitors of Samsung are the chinese manufacturers BOE, Visionox, TCL China Star Optoelectronics and Tianma Microelectronics, which are increasingly being the first choice of smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Oppo and Realme. In the last quarter these companies grew by around 10% of the world market, increasing their participation from 15.6% to 24.2%.

Credits: Samsung Disclosure

Among them the BOE draws a lot of attention for its numbers, managing to deliver 14.28 million panels in recent months, an increase of 36%. Right behind her is the Visionox, what is responsible for 9.8 million units sold.

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One of the main factors helping these Chinese companies is the value of the displays. THE Samsung dominated for a long time, but its screens have a somewhat high value, which kept other companies from using this type of panel. Chinese companies entered the market with cheaper models, which can be equipped on intermediate smartphones without disturbing the final price of the products, arousing the interest of cell phone manufacturers.

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The value of these screens is so much cheaper than the screen itself. Samsung is interested in equipping its intermediate devices with them, including already having an agreement with the BOE to provide the OLED panels for future Galaxy M series smartphones. In addition, she has already negotiated with the TCL Technology to use some of the Chinese company’s displays in future devices.


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