Chris Flores gives an emotional outburst about the attitude of a lady at Globo; look!

Chris Flores
Chris Flores commented on Paulo Gustavo’s mother’s outburst at Criança Esperança (Image: Reproduction / SBT)

Chris Flores devoted a moment of gossiping, of SBT, in this Tuesday (24), to pay a special tribute to Dea Lucia, the mother of Paulo Gustavo. The presenter commented on the lady’s outburst in the Child Hope, by Globo, which took place yesterday (23).

The late comedian’s mother performed at the benefit. She sang alongside Ivete Sangalo and Iza and even gave a moving speech about the loss of her son. The actor was the victim of complications from covid-19.

“What a beautiful thing, Dona Déa. Look, what a thrill! What a gift from you to all of Brazil”, began Chris Flores, in the afternoon.

The presenter followed: “I think it’s very beautiful what she said because she talked about courage. He [Paulo Gustavo] had already spoken and this message was running on social networks. Today there are many people confusing courage with violence, aggressiveness”.

“Courage is much greater, courage is this: it’s making people laugh, it’s bringing culture, it’s bringing hope, it’s bringing love. That’s being brave, it’s resisting everything that we go through and that we live. It’s not violence”, completed the title of the program.

At Criança Esperança, Déa Lúcia stated: “Paulo Gustavo did not give advice, his way of being and living was his own message, it was his own hope. Humor was a way of life, which exchanges regrets for grace, jokes, generosity and hard work”.

The artist’s mother also declared: “The youth passed by smiling in their quick and luminous passage between us. He really taught and showed that laughing is an act of resistance, a way of loving your neighbor, an act of courage”.

“I believed that when the storm ends, the sun will always rise. And that you don’t have to look far to find someone to love. And he did it all smiling”, completed Déa Lúcia, who thrilled internet users.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

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