Cinara Leal in In Times of the Emperor: who is the character?

Cinara Leal plays Justina in Nos Tempos do Imperador. The character works for Luísa, the Countess of Barral (Mariana Ximenes) and Eugênio (Thierry Tremouroux), and has an important role throughout history.

Who is Cinara Leal’s character in In Times of the Emperor?

Justina is employed on the plantation of Eugenio, the Count of Barral. She was bought by Luísa’s father, but ended up becoming a great friend and confidant of the Countess, and is always by her side.

The character also helps create Dominique (Theo Becker), son of Luísa and Eugênio. Before working for the Countess, Justina was a slave of Ambrósio (Roberto Bonfim), who left a scar on the girl’s face after hitting her with a whip.

It will even be Justina who will listen to Luísa’s outbursts about the rancor Teresa Cristina (Letícia Sabatella) feels for her, after the empress suspects that something is going on between Dom Pedro II and the Countess of Barral.

In an interview with Jornal Extra, Justina’s interpreter states that resistance is a strong characteristic of the character: “She has the dream of freeing other blacks and teaching her people to read and write. Education saves, and Justina wants to pass on everything she learned from her employer to her people”, she says.

Cinara Leal in In Times of the Emperor

Cinara Loyal Novels

Cinara Leal, 43, gives life to the Countess’s friend. The actress has been in other soap operas on Globo and also on Record.

Cinara’s first role was in 2006, in the soap opera Vidas Opostas, on the rival broadcaster. In 2007, the actress went to Globo, where she is still today.

Justina’s interpreter has been in Desejo Proibido (2007), Malhação (2009), Flor do Caribe (2013), Babilônia (2015) and Sol Nascente (2016).

It also works with Netflix. In 2020, Cinara played the character Clara in the series Reality Z. Nos Tempos do Imperador airs from Monday to Saturday, at 6:25 pm, Brasília time, on Globo.