Cleo Pires speaks if she is pregnant, 1 month after marriage

Actress Cleo Pires commented on rumors about a possible pregnancy

The actress Cleo saucer and the model Leandro D’Lucca left Internet users very curious. The two made the union official at the beginning of July.

The couple opted for a discreet ceremony in Minas Gerais, without the presence of family and friends. They recently celebrated the union for the second time.

The two organized a small reception at the actress’ home Glory Saucer and the musician Orlando Morais, mother and stepfather of Cleo. In the photos, posted on social networks, the bride and groom appear in a very relaxed atmosphere, cutting a beautiful wedding cake.

Earlier this week, Cleo saucer and her husband were back in the news! It all started when Leandro wrote a comment on a video posted by his mother-in-law. In the recording, Glória Pires appears moved.

She thanks the award for “Best Actress” she received at the Gramado Film Festival. This was the first time that Gloria won the competition. The 49th edition of the award took place over the weekend.

However, what caught the most attention was a comment by Cleo’s husband. “Congratulations, Grandma,” wrote Leandro. As a result, he even published three red hearts.

Soon, many people began to raise suspicions of a baby coming into the family. “Grandma?” asked a netizen. While another, suggested: “Cleo must be pregnant.” Another netizen had a hunch: “It must be on account of his son, Gael. They treat the boy like a grandson”.

But who, finally, clarified all the controversy was the Cleo saucer. In her profile, the actress posted: “Guys, I love the internet! I’m not pregnant, ok!”.

In addition to denying the alleged pregnancy, she also explained what caused the confusion. “Le calls my mom Grandma, because we made a movie called ‘Grandma Ninja’”.

The actress’s fans were quick to speak out on the matter. “I was full of hope, Cleo,” wrote one netizen. Another took the opportunity to comment: “if you want to get pregnant, we’ll love to see Gloria drooling over her grandson (a)”.

Cleo Pires denied the pregnancy rumors

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