Coffee: NY ends stable, but London earns more than US$31 per ton with…

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The week started without major variations in prices for Arabica coffee on the New York Stock Exchange (ICE Future US). Despite showing some volatility during the trading session, quotes close on Monday (23) only with technical adjustments in the futures market.

September/21 had a rise of 170 points, worth 179.95 cents/lbp, December/21 had an appreciation of 35 points, quoted at 181.85 cents/lbp, March/22 had a rise of 35 points, worth 184.60 cents/ lbp and may/22 ended with an appreciation of 45 points, worth 185.70 cents/lbp.

Regarding the day’s variations, the international website Barchart highlighted that the increases were limited by the forecast of new rains in the coffee park. “Gains from Arabica coffee were limited on Monday by forecasts of a cold front to bring precipitation to coffee producing regions in Brazil at the end of its week,” he says.

In Brazil, the most recent forecasts by the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) confirm the trend of a return of humidity in much of the country in the coming days, but highlights that until then, temperatures will remain quite high throughout Central Brazil.

The coffee sector is currently waiting for the effective return of the rains between September and October to know the real impacts of frosts and bring some relief to the water stress observed in the entire coffee park. A rain without continuity, however, could bring even more problems for the flowering of the 22nd crop, which is already feeling the climatic impacts.

As for the conilon type coffee, concerns about the supply from Vietnam – the largest producer of the grain, returned to support on the London Stock Exchange. September/21 had an increase of US$ 31 per ton, worth US$ 1893, November/21 registered an appreciation of US$ 30 per ton, quoted at US$ 1912, January/22 rose US$ 27 per ton, worth US$ 1901 and March/22 had an increase of US$ 23 per ton, worth US$ 1886.

“Conilon cafe rebounded on Monday due to concerns over supplies from Vietnam after Vietnam’s prime minister tightened restrictions on the pandemic and ordered people in Ho Chi Minh City and other neighboring provinces not to leave the their homes,” adds the Barchart website analysis. Also according to the publication, infections in the country soared to a record 11,299 on Saturday, which closed ports and threatens to further reduce coffee exports.

In Brazil, the physical market ended with stability or valorization in the main commercialization centers in the country. Type 6 hard drink bica race had a high of 0.97% in Poços de Caldas/MG, traded for 1,090.00, Araguarí/MG had a high of 0.95%, worth R$1,060.00, Franca/SP had a high of 1.89%, quoted at R$1,080.00. Guaxupé/MG maintained stability for R$1,062.00, Patrocínio/MG maintained it for R$1,090.00, Varginha/MG for R$1,082.00 and Campos Gerais/MG for R$1,067.00.

The peeled cherry type had a high of 0.87% in Poços de Caldas/MG, traded for R$ 1,160.00. Guaxupé/MG maintained stability for R$1,113.00, Patrocínio/MG for R$1,130.00, Varginha/MG for R$1,140.00 and Campos Gerais/MG for R$1,127.00.

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