Comedian Batoré calls for closing of STF and Congress – News

Known for the character Batoré, actor Ivanildo Gomes Nogueira asked, in a video that circulates on social networks, that President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) close the Supreme Court (STF) and the National Congress. Batoré also asks the military to take power in the country.

“You should be aware that this country is not yours. If we changed the Presidency, it’s because we saw that there were many bandits and that we needed a military man. But, after all this, we are aware that the military was not only lacking in the president’s seat, it was lacking in the STF, in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate. The desire of all Brazilians is that the president closes the doors of these three houses, because it has not brought any benefit to our country”, says the artist.

O video comes to light about a week after singer Sergio Reis, in an audio, called a national strike of truck drivers and preaches the invasion of the STF. He is investigated for incitement to violence. The singer gave an exclusive interview to Domingo Espetacular in which he says he regrets the unfortunate phrase and that he was playing with a friend.

Wanted by R7, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said that “it does not manifest itself on anyone’s speech, but on processes or procedures. It also does not announce whether it will open an investigation against anyone”. The Supreme has yet to comment on the matter.