Confusion at a Serra health center ends with a man at gunpoint

Photo: Reproduction TV Vitória

A riot at a health clinic in Serra ended with a man at gunpoint. According to witnesses, the conflict would have occurred because of the scheduling of the vaccine against covid-19.

The discussion would have happened because one of the men arrived at the health unit wanting to be vaccinated without having scheduled. He started arguing with the other guy.

The fight took place at the health unit in the Chácara Parreiral neighborhood on Saturday (21). Witnesses recorded videos of the two men arguing. The fight recorded in the images, according to those who witnessed what happened, was just the beginning of the confusion.

One of the men drew a gun and pointed at the other. Frightened, the people who were at the scene ran away after they saw the revolver. Some were even without receiving the immunizing agent and will need to make a new schedule.

According to people attended by the health unit, there were residents receiving the vaccine against covid-19 without an appointment.

Because of the confusion, vaccination was temporarily stopped.

The Military Police was called and went to the health center to attend to the incident. According to the team, a military police officer called for backup after a mess involving his wife.

The military explained that he was accompanying the woman to the vaccination post, when a man arrived late and tried to be vaccinated before the people who were waiting.

The man allegedly went after the military’s wife, who intervened. Also according to the police, the altered boy tried to take the policeman’s gun and, therefore, the fight between the two would have occurred.

According to the police, after those involved calmed down, everyone was released and the incident ended.

The city of Serra informed that the vaccination was temporarily interrupted on the day of the incident. The application of the vaccine was resumed when the Municipal Guard and the Military Police arrived at the scene. The city hall also stated that it is investigating questions from people about vaccination without an appointment.

The city’s Health Department reported that more than 400 people were vaccinated just at the Chácara Parreiral unit last Saturday.

*With information from reporter Nathalia Munhão, from TV Vitória/Record TV.


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