Corinthians has four players and Sylvinho is in the selection for the 17th round of the Brazilian Nationals

After beating Athletico-PR and taking sixth place in the table, Corinthians placed four players in the squad for the 17th round of the Brasileirão. In addition to the athletes, Sylvinho appeared as the best coach.

The Corinthians were chosen: the goalkeeper Cassius, who made important saves throughout the duel; the defender Gil, the left-back Fabio Santos, who crossed to the defensive midfielder’s goal roni, which is Timão’s last on the list.

In addition to the players, the coach Sylvinho was the highlight at the edge of the lawn. The Corinthians coach repeated the formation of Timão for the third consecutive game and, in the last three rounds, the Parque São Jorge team won seven points.

The complete selection of the 17th round, chosen by the fans in an open vote on the Brasileirão profile in the Twitter It’s: Cassius (Corinthians); Rafinha (Grêmio), Gil (Corinthians), M. Benevenuto (Fortaleza) and Fábio Santos (Corinthians); Roni (Corinthians), Lucas Silva (Grêmio), Clayson (Cuiabá) and Vitinho (Flamengo); Borja (Grêmio) and Ýtalo (Red Bull Bragantino). Technician: Sylvinho (Corinthians).

It is worth remembering that, in the last round, Timão had already won three players in the selection of the fans. Those chosen on that occasion were: Cassio, Renato Augusto and Adson.

With the victory against Athletico-PR, Corinthians reached 24 points in the Brasileirão and is in the G6 of the championship. The next commitment of the alvinegra team happens on Saturday, at 9 pm, against Grêmio. The match is away from home.

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