Covid-19: SC starts vaccinating teenagers and boosting seniors on September 1 | Raphael Faraco

The State Department of Health and the Council of Municipal Secretariats (Cosems) have defined that SC will start vaccinating teenagers and apply the booster dose to the elderly and immunosuppressed, on September 1st. Until then, cities complete the vaccination schedule for the adult population aged 18 and over.

> SC municipalities defend Covid vaccine for adolescents and 3rd dose for the elderly

> SC authorizes vaccination of adolescents in specific cases; understand

from september

Of the total doses that reach the state, 50% will be destined for the vaccination of adolescents and the other 50% for the reinforcement of the elderly and immunosuppressed, who have taken dose 2 for more than 6 months. As it is a booster, the vaccine does not need to be the same as the one received in previous applications.

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In the case of adolescents, it was defined that of the doses intended for this group (50% of the total), 90% will be applied in order by age, starting with 17 years. And the other 10% will be to vaccinate young people with permanent disabilities and comorbidities. Remembering that only the Pfizer vaccine is allowed by Anvisa for teenagers.

Other details on what was defined at the CIB meeting, held on Tuesday (24), will be passed on in the technical note prepared by the health authorities of SC and forwarded to the municipalities.

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