Covid-19: third dose of vaccine will be given from September

The Ministry of Health informed that it will start, in the second half of September, the application of the booster dose of the vaccine against covid-19 to “all immunosuppressed individuals after 28 days of the second dose and for people over 70 years of age who have been vaccinated for 6 months”.

The decision to apply the third dose was taken jointly last night (24), at a meeting of the portfolio with the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass), the National Council of Municipal Health Secretaries (Conasems) and the Chamber Covid-19 Immunization Advisory Technique (Cetai).

According to the ministry, the immunization should be done, preferably, with a dose of Pfizer or, alternatively, with the viral vector vaccine Janssen or AstraZeneca.

It was also decided, during yesterday’s meeting, that there will be a reduction in the interval between doses of Pfizer and AstraZeneca, from 12 to 8 weeks.