CPI target, company that distributes vaccines says it can ‘break’ and harm SUS | Laurel Garden

Covid's CPI

target of Covid’s CPI, VTCLog sent a letter to the senators in which it says that leaking confidential data puts the “survival” of the company at risk, which can harm the SUS.

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VTCLog has logistics contracts with the Ministry of Health that are in the sights of the collegiate. The company distributes vaccines, among other services.

In an official letter to the senators, the company, which had its fiscal, banking, telephone and telematics secrecy broken, says that “ostensive” information leaks have affected its image and reputation.

“THE MOST SERIOUS DAMAGE, however, is that this true defamatory campaign puts VTCLOG’s own SURVIVAL at risk. The leakage of a company’s data nowadays, as is happening with VTCLOG, directly affects its financial order; after all, it exerts negative influence on its credit rating, since the company falls under the financial institutions’ compliance prohibitions,” he says.

The company says that the situation could end with the early termination of contracts and barring new ones. And he adds that the SUS is at risk.

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“There is no mention here, with all due respect, of any fear of VTCLOG in providing the necessary clarifications for this CPI. But the greatest danger is that this situation could lead to the COMPANY BREAKDOWN, which would bring serious damage to its partners, employees, but, above all, for the Unified Health System, which may have the solution for the continuity of the logistics of medicines and vaccines stored and transported by the Company”, he says.