Criticized for being pregnant for the 3rd time at the age of 17, MC Poze’s girlfriend asks for empathy

Credit: Instagram reproduction montage

Viviane Noronha (Credit: Instagram reproduction montage)

This Wednesday (25), the woman from MC Poze, Vivianne Noronha, who is awaiting her third daughter with the funkeiro, made an outburst after receiving attacks from internet users for being pregnant for the 3rd time at 17 years old. Through Instagram Stories, she asked for respect and empathy.

“I know I’m getting several nasty attacks, making anyone sick and with a completely shaken mind. But I want to make one thing very clear: the best thing I do right now is not to see any comments about this situation”, began Vivianne.

“I’m not active on my social networks for that very reason, as I want to take care of my mental health and preserve my pregnancy in the best possible way. Have more empathy for people, try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes at least once in your life. The internet is very toxic and can kill anyone,” he continued.

She also recorded a video to thank her for the support she received: “I came to the beach to try to distract myself because I’m not well, my mental health is terrible. But that’s it, guys, what comforts me is knowing that today I’m not well, but everything passes”.

understand the controversy

Last Monday (23), MC Poze celebrated the news that he will be a father again: “I’m going to be a father again, man**! Here comes my princess, for**!”, wrote the artist on the social network.

In the sequence, Vivianne Noronha’s pregnancy was among the most talked about issues on Twitter and he, disgusted with the criticism, deactivated his web account: “I’m happy to be**, fuck*. This Twitter’s negative energy goes far away from my family. I’m too much of a race to talk to people on this social network. Back off, right? Twitter brand disabled, stress out, just joy. Father is happy to be**”.

The couple are parents of Julia, aged two, and little Miguel, aged eight months.

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