Cruise: revitalization at Arena do Jacar starting on Wednesday; see values

(Photo: Democrata de Sete Lagoas/Twitter/Reprodu

O cruise It has already hired the company that will be responsible for trying to revitalize the lawn at Arena do Jacar, in Sete Lagoas, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte. The expectation that the first results appear in 10 days.

As the City Hall of Belo Horizonte banned the public from stadiums in the capital, the celestial club wants to send Serie B matches of the Brazilian Championship in the neighboring city with the presence of its supporter.

The work of Green Gramados Esportivos, which also takes care of the fields of Toca da Raposa II and other stadiums throughout Brazil, will begin this Wednesday. The information has been confirmed to the supersports by the owner of the company, Rodrigo Campolina.

“We were there yesterday (Monday) and a revitalization work was agreed with Cruzeiro. we will start tomorrow (Wednesday). The lawn is very dry, common at this time of year. There is a lot of wear and tear due to the number of games, but we found that the pitch is good,” he explained.

“The stadium was receiving many games. Now, from the moment it stops, we do an airing, a vertical cut, cleaning the straw, leveling and throwing fertilizer. We hope to have the green back in 10 days”, Campolina projected.

Also according to the company, the revitalization service will cost the Cruzeiro coffers around BRL 10 thousand. If it continues to work in Sete Lagoas, however, the celestial team will need to make a new investment in maintaining the lawn.

Cruzeiro’s next game as home team in the Second Division is scheduled for 16:00 on September 7th (Tuesday) – therefore, in 14 days.

Currently, the Democrat of Sete Lagoas operates in the stadium for an audience of 600 people. Fox’s base category also sends their games locally. Behind the scenes, the celestial club believes that the capacity of Arena do Jacar can be increased with the authorization of a municipal decree.


Initially, Cruzeiro does not pay rent to work in the Jacar’s Arena. President of Democrata, the club responsible for the administration of the stadium, Rodrigo Paiva explained in the report the negotiations with the heavenly direction.

“There is an understanding in this sense, that Cruzeiro will send the games here while the city of Belo Horizonte is closed. On the other hand, they are recovering the pitch,” he said. “We will talk later about the number of games. If BH remains closed, we will negotiate other conditions later on,” he added.


To be able to send their games in Sete Lagoas, Cruzeiro will need an extension of the injunction that allowed, at the end of last month, that their games for Sete B be played in the presence of the fans.

Initially, the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) only authorized matches “held in sports squares located within the city of Belo Horizonte”. Internally, however, there is an optimism for a new victory in the courts.