Curraisnovense wins R$ 569 thousand in the lottery and is the second in the city to win a prize in three months – 08/25/2021 – Notícia

The expression “a lightning strike doesn’t strike twice in the same place” was mocked as a coincidence in the city of Currais Novos, in the Seridó region. If the natural phenomenon “never” occurs at the same point, the luck in the Potiguar municipality was renewed within three months, this Tuesday (24). That’s because a player from the city was the big winner of the Contest 498 of the lottery ‘Dia de Sorte’, from Caixa, and won R$ 569,878.54. Before him, another corraisnovense won the same award on May 13 this year.
Lottery Day of Luck was won by two corrals from Nova this year

Lottery Day of Luck was won by two corrals from Nova this year

The potiguar bettor was the only one to hit the seven tens of the contest this Tuesday: 03 – 16 – 18 – 20 – 25 – 30 – 31. He won with a simple bet, that is, betting only on the seven tens that were drawn.

In the case of the other winner of the Corrais Novos prize, the winner of the prize made a ticket with 11 tens, which increases the probability of winning, but also the cost of the bet. The draw of May 13 also had a Goiás who hit the seven dozen. He and the native took R$ 763,096.23 each.

Also according to Caixa, 36 bets hit six dozen and will each take R$ 2,380.28; 1,406 bets hit five tens and win R$20.00; 17,443 combinations hit four tens and receive R$4.00. In the Lucky Month category, 56,787 bets hit November and receive the value of the single bet (R$ 2.00).

In prizes above R$ 10 thousand, as was won by the Potiguar, the amounts are paid two days after the competition is held with the presentation of the winner at a Caixa Econômica Federal branch, carrying a document with a photo and the receipt of the bet made. Winners have a maximum period of 90 days to withdraw their prize.

Lucky day

Lucky Day was launched in May 2018 by the Ministry of Finance and, as the name already says, it’s the lottery where you bet your lucky numbers. The player chooses from 7 to 15 numbers among the 31 available plus 1 “Lucky Month”. Seven numbers and one “Lucky Month” are drawn per contest. Drawings are held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The simple bet, with 7 numbers and 1 month of luck, costs R$ 2.00. There are even combinations, or multiples, with more numbers dialed. The game with 8 numbers and 1 lucky month, for example, will be R$ 16.00 and the bet with 15 numbers and 1 lucky month, R$ 12,870.00.