Daughter of Grazi Massafera and Cauã appears together with her stepmother: “beautiful”

Actress Grazi Massafera has a great relationship with Cauã Reymond’s wife, Mariana Goldfarb

The actress Grazi Massafera and the actor Cauã Reymond they are discreet in relation to their nine-year-old daughter Sofia. However, on some occasions the actors make exceptions and show very cute records of their daughter.

This time, it was Cauã Reymond who showed the girl Sofia. It showed Sofia rollerblading in the square along with his wife, nutritionist and digital influencer Mariana Goldfarb. When showing his daughter and his wife, Cauã said only: “They”.

Both the girl Sofia and the actress Grazi Massafera they have an excellent relationship with Mariana. The actress has even made some statements to Mariana on social networks and vice versa. The two have also shown photos together and were also photographed going together to a gym in Rio de Janeiro.
The netizens were nothing but praise for the girl Sofia and for Mariana. “Beautiful anyway!” commented a netizen. And another internet user said: “Oh, how beautiful! And it’s good that Sofia always shows up doing exercises”.

Recently, Cauã Reymond was also melted by the message he got from Sofia. The girl left a letter for her father in which she said: “I love you Dad, good morning!”.
When showing the cute message he got, Cauã was delighted and commented: “How does a person start the day after such a message?”. Grazi Massafera he made a point of commenting and also fell in love with his daughter. She stated: “Ownnnn she is a blessing!”.

Several famous people also commented on Sofia’s cute note. The actor and dad Raphael Logam surprised me by commenting: “Mine woke me up saying she’s dating”. Faced with the comment, Cauã responded by saying only: “Eita!”. And actor Julio Rocha commented: “Best way to start the day!”. The comedian Marcelo Adnet also said: “Then we lose everything”.

Daughter of Cauã Reymond and Grazi Massafera with their stepmother

The daughter of Grazi Massafera and Cauã Reymond together with stepmother Mariana Goldfarb

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