Delta cases have a viral load 300 times higher, study points out – News

People infected with the Delta variant have a viral load 300 times higher than those with the original version of covid-19 virus, when symptoms begin to be observed, revealed a study from South Korea.

But the value gradually declined over time, getting 30 times higher after four days, more than 10 times higher in nine days, and reaching levels seen in other variants after 10 days, reported the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA) this Tuesday (24).

The higher burden means the virus spreads much more easily from person to person, increasing infections and hospitalizations, Lee Sang-won, a Health Ministry official, told a news conference.

“But that doesn’t mean Delta is 300 times more infectious… we think its transmission rate is 1.6 times that of the Alpha variant [que surgiu no Reino Unido], and about twice that of the original version of the virus,” Lee said.

To prevent the spread of the Delta variant, now the predominant strain worldwide, the KDCA urged people to get tested immediately when they develop symptoms of Covid-19 and to avoid face-to-face encounters.

Delta’s rapid proliferation and low vaccination rates catch much of Asia off guard, especially in emerging markets, as the economies of Europe and North America reactivate.