Despite the director’s speech about injuries, Crespo’s training will be maintained – Blog do Perrone

Last Friday (20), Carlos Belmonte, São Paulo’s soccer director, spoke on Twitter about the excess of injuries in the tricolor cast. Among the possible factors for the injuries, not counting those caused by blows, he cited “change in the training method”. Despite this analysis, nothing should change in the training led by Crespo for now.

The blog found that the board’s decision is that, at this time, what is being done should be maintained, but with a constant analysis of the situation, with an eye on possible new measures.

Belmonte’s statement was motivated by the understanding that the trainings are different from those done before Crespo arrived. This is to adapt the team to the intensity required by the Argentine during the games. Consequently, the musculature that is most required has changed, which may have caused part of the injuries, in the assessment of driving.

“We have been holding meetings and debating the issue. Believe that we seek to minimize the situation. The possible reasons are many: players are without vacations, games in a row, change in training method and others. Many injuries are also trauma and not muscle,” he wrote Belmonte.

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