Diesel Compass becomes a version for those who need autonomy and 4×4 traction – 25/08/2021

As well as the flex version, which received the new 1.3 turbo engine, the Jeep Compass diesel option also gained changes. There’s slight restyling and more technology. The mechanical set, however, has not changed.

The diesel version maintains the 2.0 turbo of 170 hp. The expectation is that this engine will gain extra power with the Jeep Commander, a seven-seater model of the brand that will be made in Goiana (PE) and is arriving at dealerships. Pre-sales start this Thursday (26).

The Compass 2022 diesel is available in three versions. Longitude has a starting price of R$ 206,990. Limited and Trailhawk cost R$226,990 initial. These values ​​are valid for all of Brazil, with the exception of the State of São Paulo, where the SUV is more expensive – because of the higher tax burden.

The version evaluated was the Longitude with an 80 year package, which adds R$ 8,000 to the car’s value. The price goes to R$214,990. This kit includes visual details such as blackened wheels (18″), commemorative logos on the side and rear (the design of a jeep with the inscription 80th).

In addition, there are items such as a multimedia center with a 10″ screen and connectivity package, retractable external mirrors and assistance with parking maneuvers (Park Assist). Longitude.

However, in the Jeep configurator, this option is no longer available. The suspension of the offer of the sunroof is temporary, and a consequence of the lack of inputs for the production of cars, which affects the entire industry.

Rafaela Borges/UOL

Negative points

  • Absence of virtual panel
  • Manual driver seat adjustments


The autonomy guaranteed by the diesel engine is quite an appeal for those who usually travel long distances. For each tank of fuel, the Compass 2.0 is capable of running at least 200 km longer than the 1.3 on the road. But if you’re not a constant traveler or if you just hit the road to drive that 150 km to the countryside or the beach, the diesel Jeep is no longer worth it. Now as or more agile, the Flex Longitude option is R$ 44 thousand cheaper than the 2.0 equivalent. This with the same level of equipment. By losing customers who bought it for performance alone, the diesel Compass must also lose share in the line.

Jeep Compass Diesel Longitude 2022 - Rafaela Borges/UOL - Rafaela Borges/UOL
Image: Rafaela Borges/UOL

Design and space

The model’s look has changed little. At the front, the grille has new details, such as the graphite-colored outline. The headlights are made of LEDs, and there are auxiliaries at the bottom. The car has parking sensors at the front, including at the side edges.

At the back, in addition to the logo with the name of the version, there is also the TD350 inscription, in reference to the turbodiesel engine and the torque it offers – 350 Nm, equivalent to 35.7 mkgf.

The Compass is 4.40 meters long and 2.63 m of wheelbase. Most competitors are more generous in this measure, but the space for those who go behind in the Jeep is not lacking. Legs and heads are well accommodated even for very tall occupants.

Also, although the floor is not flat, the central tunnel is not very high. Those who travel in the middle do not have their legs up. There are air vents for the rear passengers and an A-type USB port.

Inside, the steering wheel is new, with the Jeep inscription in the center. The seats covered in perforated leather are in the package for 80 years. They have manual adjustments – electric is not even available as an option.

The finish is well done, with rubberized materials that are soft to the touch, in addition to being very well fitted. The instrument panel, in turn, is analog. The customizable virtual is only offered in the more expensive versions.

The trunk has 471 liters, compared to the 410 l declared until the 2021 line of the Compass. The brand changed the way of measuring. However, in practice, even without changes in the compartment, it managed to offer better use of space. Now it fits more baggage than before.

Jeep Compass Diesel Longitude 2022 - Rafaela Borges/UOL - Rafaela Borges/UOL
Image: Rafaela Borges/UOL


One of the highlights of the new Compass is the rear camera, with very sharp images and very high resolution. It is one of the best on the market – even when compared to luxury models. In addition, it promotes two viewing modes – one of them closes the image right below the car, to avoid blind spots.

Compass also received a cell phone charger and more USB ports. In addition to the rear, at the front there is one type A and one type C. The air conditioning has two temperature zones, with direct controls on the central panel or on the multimedia screen itself.

The GPS navigator has a high resolution map and traffic connection. For this function, the internet is free. There is also the possibility of turning the car into a Wi-Fi router. In this case, the internet is paid for, with plans starting at R$40 a month – the supplier is Tim.

The multimedia center is touch sensitive and customizable, with the possibility of adding multiple screens. In each of them, the owner chooses what information he wants to see projected – map, telephone or air conditioning system data, among others.

4×4 traction is on demand. However, there is the possibility of locking the system 50% in the front and 50% in the rear, and a function that works in gears to play the role of reduced. There is even automatic control for descents.

Jeep Compass Diesel Longitude 2022 - Rafaela Borges/UOL - Rafaela Borges/UOL
Image: Rafaela Borges/UOL


Until the 2021 line, many consumers looked to the diesel Compass for performance, as the old flexible 2.0 version did not stand out for its agility. This has now changed, as the new 1.3 turbo flex engine left the version that can run on alcohol and gasoline very agile, in addition to having generated an improvement in fuel consumption.

Now, the customer looking for the diesel Compass should be the one looking for 4×4 traction – the 1.3 flex is 4×2 – and ample autonomy. Depending on the way of driving and the type of use, the SUV is capable of exceeding 800 km with each refueling – the tank has 60 liters.

With 170 hp, 15 hp less than the Compass 1.3 turbo, the turbodiesel version is about a second slower than flex at 0 to 100 km/h, according to the manufacturer’s data. The mission is completed in 10.7 seconds.

However, when it comes to speed recovery, the diesel version is as efficient as the flex. To negotiate climbs and overtake, the torque of 37.5 mkgf at just 1,750 rpm speaks volumes.

The fast nine-speed automatic transmission helps the Compass turbodiesel to have good agility in everyday situations. Another highlight is the steering responses, which gained a new adjustment and had better reactions in the 2022 line of the car.

At high speed, the steering has the ideal weight to deliver a lot of precision when cornering and changing trajectory. Along with the independent suspensions, it does a good job of guaranteeing the Compass great agility.