‘Doria is disqualified’, rebuts Aécio Neves after being called a coward

In an interview with Roda Viva, the governor of São Paulo said that his colleague is a ‘pariah within the PSDB’

Aécio Neves and João Doria.  Photos: Luis Macedo/ Câmara e Divulgação/SP Government Agency

Aécio Neves and João Doria. Photos: Luis Macedo/ Câmara e Divulgação/SP Government Agency

Federal deputy Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG) called the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), “disqualified” and said that the toucan “lost the conditions to be a candidate for reelection.”

The note was issued on Tuesday 24, the day after Doria called Aécio Neves a “coward”, during an interview with the program Live Wheel, gives TV Culture.

Aécio Neves wrote that Doria “thinks he can buy the PSDB to satisfy his fetish of being a candidate for president of the Republic” and added that “he lacks dimension and character to lead any national project”. Neves also said that “opportunistically he knelt at Bolsonaro’s feet begging for support, creating the unforgettable Bolsodoria, and trying at all costs to make people forget about it.”

He then declares that Doria “betrayed her political godfather, Geraldo Alckmin, in the most cowardly and humiliating way possible, disrespecting and trampling on the history of the party, to pave the way for her ambition.”

“The obsession with attacking me is the result of his interpretation that I am also an obstacle to his becoming the owner of the PSDB”, he continues. “As for the accusations he made to me, he once again demonstrates his lightness. I was the victim of a criminal setup that will be unmasked in court.”

Neves stated that his personal life has already been investigated and that there is “not a penny of public money or of dubious origin” from which he has benefited. Meanwhile, he says, Doria “made a fortune at the expense of businessmen through the million-dollar donations made to her Lide” – in reference to the group of Business Leaders.

Neves also accused Doria of sending emissaries across the country to offer payment of debts from past campaigns and financing for future campaigns, with the objective of “buying the result of the party’s preliminary views”.

“It tries, at all costs, to transform the PSDB into a business counter. The PSDB is not Lide, Mr. João Doria, the PSDB is not for sale”, wrote Neves. “The PSDB is the result of a collective construction, in which I have participated for about 30 years. We will not allow him to be taken for an upstart, whose only aim is to satisfy his own ego and his unhealthy ambition.”

Doria, who is contesting internal PSDB elections for the Presidency of the Republic, had told the Live Wheel that Neves is a “pariah within the PSDB” and that he should ask for his removal from the party because of allegations of corruption. The PSDB executive rejects Neves’ removal.

“Aécio Neves has the defeat syndrome,” said Doria. “And his worst defeat began in that sad phone call to a businessman here in São Paulo asking for bribes. I understand that people who ask a bribe from my party’s manager should stay away.”

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