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Electronic Arts released, on Tuesday, a list of patents with accessibility technologies to game developers. In order to encourage more programmers to create features that make video games more inclusive, EA, which is responsible for games like FIFA, Madden and Apex Legends, released the tools that help people with vision, hearing and speech for free.

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Among the technologies available, it is possible to find the ping system, from the Apex Legends game, already known in the community for facilitating the gameplay of people who cannot speak or hear. For those with color blindness and low vision, EA has also released the tools used in Madden and FIFA. The engine includes automated systems to improve visibility through detection and modification of colors and contrast ratios.

Mbappé and the movements created by the FIFA 22 Hypermotion in the background — Photo: Disclosure

There is yet another technology in development called “custom sound technology”, which will modify or create music for people based on their preferences and listening levels. In the future, the company plans to add patents on other accessibility-related technologies to the package, as well as open up other source code for its tools.

Madden NFL 21 with color blindness settings, simulated under the gaze of someone with red-green color blindness. — Photo: Disclosure/ Electronic Arts

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To complete, the American company assured that it is making all technologies available for free, royalty-free, precisely to encourage creators to make video games more inclusive. The only downside is the right to terminate the pledge if its affiliates file a patent infringement lawsuit or patent lawsuit against EA.

– Through our patent pledge, we are committed that all developers in the industry will be able to use our accessibility-centric technology patents – royalty free […] This commitment covers some of our most innovative technologies designed to break down barriers for players living with disabilities or medical conditions. This includes people with vision, hearing, speech or cognitive problems – Electronic Arts said in a statement.

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