Empire: Cristina performs body exhumation to help José Alfredo; understand

Cristina (Leandra Leal) will respond to her father’s desire to make her hair stand on end. José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) will demand that the blonde authorize the exhumation of his tomb, used in his ‘fake’ death. The girl will be afraid, but the commander will say that it is all part of the strategy of the plan created by him.

The scenes will air next Monday (August 30th). Everything will be started by Cora (Marjore Estiano), who will tell Maria Marta (Lilian Cabral) that she saw José Alfredo alive. To check if the fake slut is right, she requests her husband’s grave check once more.

The empress will convince the rest of the children to exhum the body of Zé Alfredo. And immediately, Cristina will refuse. However, José Alfredo will tell her to approve the act. “Do you want me to agree with Dona Marta and let her have your coffin opened?” Cristina will say.

The Commander will repeat: “Exactly. Go to Marta and tell her that if she really wants to exhum my body, let her have her permission…”. The blonde doesn’t agree with the idea: “If I go back and give my permission, they’ll open the coffin and they’ll find it’s empty…”, she says worriedly.

“Maybe not…”, the ‘Man in Black’ will retort, without giving any further details. Cristina is curious and insists: “Is there something in there? Is there anyone in there?” she asks, scared. The character played by Alexandre Nero refuses to talk about the subject.

‘Stop torturing yourself about it. Forget what’s in there or not. Do what I asked you to. The important thing is to end this one told me about my death. Get it out of Marta’s head that I’m alive…’. With the father’s response, the young woman will accept to participate in another stage of the plan. “I’ll do it… If there’s no other way… I promised to always stay by your side, that’s how it will be”, ends Cristina.