Erika Schneider: from Faustão’s ballet to ‘A Fazenda 2021’

“The 2021 Farm” won a new member 21 days before her debut with the departure of Gabi Martins: Erika Schneider. At the age of 30, the former dancer of “Domingão do Faustão” should meet names like MC Gui and Mussunzinho.

Altogether, the rural reality of Record TV now led by Adriane Galisteu will have 94 days of competition and will give R$ 1.5 million to the winner, in addition to other prizes that add up to R$ 500 thousand. Among many new features, the attraction promises a triple elimination right on its debut.

Check out other curiosities below about Erika!

Erika Schneider is from Aquarius and was born in the interior of SP

At 30, Erika is a model, digital influencer and Aquarian born on February 11 in São Roque (SP) spent almost eight years in the ballet of Faustão until the beginning of 2021. Daughter of a German with a native of Paraíba, the future Peoa graduated in Business Management and Human Resources

The model came to live in Germany when she was 15 years old, but soon returned to Brazil and enrolled in college. On her Instagram, the young woman who already had an affair with Erasmo Viana, another name taken for granted in the 13th edition, is followed by more than 1 million accounts. In this network, she gathers photos in bikini and on trips, for example.

Erika, from ‘A Fazenda 2021’, does not rule out dating a famous person

In early 2021 and before leaving “Domingão”, the model ended her two-year relationship with businessman Victor Perez. They had been living together for 10 months, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. In a recent statement, Erika ruled out having a relationship with someone just because he was famous.

“It doesn’t matter at all. I don’t care. What catches my attention in a person is their manner. If they’re nice, if they’re humble, if they’re good people. It’s these qualities that catch my attention,” she said. signed a contract with a curious clause with the São Paulo station. “I don’t want to hitch a ride on anyone’s fame,” reinforced Erika.

Owner of dual citizenship, Brazilian and German, the influencer denied that fame is an obstacle to a relationship. “I wouldn’t hook up with anyone because I’m famous, but I wouldn’t stop staying either because it’s not anonymous. If it happened, I’ll only expose it later when I’m really serious,” explained she, who posed in lingerie after hitting the home of 1 million Instagram followers.

In ‘The Farm 2021’, Erika admitted a crisis of 30

As soon as she completed her most recent birthday and assessed the personal and professional changes in her life, Erika admitted fears about the crisis of 30 years. “I felt this crisis of 30. I am in a phase of many transitions in my life, such as turning 30, ending a relationship that was practically a marriage in this period, ending the contract with Rede Globo. A very transition. big,” he pointed to Uol.

She also said that she is taking more care of her health and projects motherhood. “I think I was born for this. But I’m very calm, I’m not desperate for motherhood. I don’t feel 30 years old, I still feel very young”, he reflected.