Ethics Committee removes Caboclo from CBF for a total of 15 months – 08/24/2021

The Brazilian Football Ethics Commission punished the president of the CBF, Rogério Caboclo, with a total of 15 months of removal from office for understanding that there was “inappropriate conduct” in the relationship with an employee of the entity. The initial complaint pointed to moral and sexual harassment, based on recordings that showed Caboclo asking his wife: “Do you masturbate?”.

As the decision provides for the abatement of the three months already almost fulfilled since the initial leave, on June 6, the sanction to the leader goes until the beginning of September 2022.

Confirmation of punishment will be subject to deliberation at the CBF General Assembly, made up of the 27 state federations. The meeting would take place tomorrow (25), but was canceled by decision of the Brazilian Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration (CBMA), after a request by Caboclo. The understanding is that the notice could not have been published by the CBF board without the Ethics Committee ruling.

The sentence was defined today (24) by the Judgment Chamber of the Ethics Commission and communicated in a virtual session. The case report was left with Amilar Fernandes Alves.

O UOL he found out that the commission went so far as to apply 12 months of punishment, but when faced with the reduction of the sentence (reduction of the time already served), there was an increase of another three months.

With the total 15 months, Caboclo will still be able to fulfill part of his term, which runs until April 2023, but he will return to the seat probably after the election for the next term. The perspective is that the CBF elects the new president in April 2022.

With this scenario, Colonel Nunes continues as acting president of the CBF. Without the definitive removal of Caboclo, elected in 2018, there will be no election among the eight vice presidents who were part of the ticket with him. This is a frustration for the vices, who already wanted a election in about 30 days to complete the mandate by April 2023.