Family Justice leaves Netflix viewers slack-jawed

spoiler alert

Netflix subscribers liked Family Justice – at least in most Twitter reactions. Viewers revealed that they had been blown away by the film’s twist with Jason Momoa, DC’s Aquaman.

In the revenge story, much of the film shows Ray Cooper and his daughter, Rachel, trying to get revenge on a large corporation. This leads them to a complicated conspiracy.

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But, at the end of Family Justice, it is revealed that Ray died in an attack at the beginning of the Netflix movie. All, so far, was Rachel getting revenge, imagining she was simply following her father.

Netflix viewers commented that Family Justice has fallen from the standard of other action movies on the platform. So it was a good feature to watch.

Some also liked the fact that they couldn’t guess the end of the story. Check out the reactions below.

Family Justice on Netflix

Family Justice follows the story of Ray Cooper, a family man who lives a real tragedy with his wife and young daughter.

After a pharmaceutical industry titan pulls a potentially miraculous drug off the market, Ray’s wife ends up dying of cancer.

The protagonist then swears revenge against the company responsible for the terrible situation. Ray also tries to investigate the reasons for the company to withdraw such an important medicine from the hands of those who really need it.

However, the search for the truth and answers about his wife’s death puts Ray on a perilous journey that could forever change his life and the life of his daughter.

What begins as a quest for answer and revenge becomes a journey against time, in which Ray does everything he can to protect the only family he has left: young Rachel.

In addition to Jason Momoa, the cast also features Isabela Merced. Directed by Brian Mendoza.

Family Justice is on Netflix.