Farewell to Afghans leaving the country at Kabul airport

  • Lyse Doucet
  • BBC international correspondent

People walking towards planes at Kabul airport

As soon as you step onto the runway at the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, you are overwhelmed by the intensity, the urgency, the darkness of this hour.

In all directions, there are huge gray military transport planes from the United States and many other countries. Military helicopters are in the sky.

Towards all planes, there are long lines of Afghans. The lines seem to be endless. They have been told they can only bring a suitcase and the clothes they wear when they leave their country – now controlled by the Taliban.

But it’s not just the country they’re leaving. They are leaving behind the life they lived and, for the generation of educated young people, the life they built, the dreams they formed over 20 years.