Federal Senate approves the Mandant’s PL; text goes to presidential sanction | df

The Federal Senate approved on Tuesday the bill 2336/2021, known as PL do Mandante. The text alters article 42-A of the Pelé Law, which talks about the commercialization of transmission rights. The PL determines that the home team now has the right to negotiate the transmission of the match separately.

Senator Romário — Photo: Waldemir Barreto/Agência Senado

The text approved in the Senate had the current senator and former player Romário (PL/RJ) as rapporteur and is similar to what was approved in the Chamber, in July, which maintains the validity of contracts that are in force. Now, the Mandant Law goes to presidential sanction.

Currently, the so-called “right of arena” is distributed between the home and visiting teams, since the legislation determines that the two clubs involved in the games must be in agreement to carry out the broadcast. In all, 60 senators were in favor of the project, and none were against it.

Only one proposal to amend the Bill was presented. In the text, proposed by senator Izalci Lucas (PSDB/DF), the 5% of revenue from the exploitation of broadcasting rights would be distributed among players and coaches. Today, this percentage is divided only between athletes, starters and reserves, involved in the game. This proposal, however, was withdrawn from the debate by senator Izalci Lucas himself.

Similar proposals were presented during the processing of the Mandant Law in the Chamber of Deputies. All attempts to distribute the percentage currently foreseen only for players, coaches and referees were also voted against in the Chamber.

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Prior to the plenary session that approved the Mandate Law in the Senate, Romário received club representatives in his cabinet. Among the teams that sent representatives to the conversation with the parliamentarian were Flamengo, Palmeiras, Santos, Ceará, CSA, Bahia and Cruzeiro, as well as managers of teams from Series C and D and entities linked to football.