Fernanda Machado vents about abortion on the web

Fernanda Machado, actress, made a touching outburst to talk about a difficult moment in her life: when she had an abortion in 2019, something that shocked the actress.

“It was a storm”

“In April 2019, I felt the pain of this loss on my skin, and it was impossible for me not to talk about this pain, the grief I was experiencing, the loss of a little being that almost no one knew existed. But that was it for me. It was devastating…”, who completed: It was a physical and emotional storm, but the weather was calming the gale, and 6 months after this forced farewell. On my 39th birthday, as soon as I woke up, I found that God gave me a beautiful rainbow, which came to light up our lives!!!!! Baby Leo!!!!”, he said.

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In another moment, the actress reinforces the importance of sharing the pregnancy loss with friends and family. “And pretending that everything was fine, that nothing was happening, only added to my pain. Sharing my pregnancy loss was part of my grieving process, part of my healing process. And I felt that I was eternalizing the existence of that little being of light”, he said

Fernanda Machado is the mother of two boys: Lucca, 7 years old, and Leo, only 1 year. Last year, she thrilled the web when talking about her child’s breastfeeding.


Fernanda confessed that he still thinks about his son who died. “I thought and still think a lot about my little baby that I didn’t have the chance to hold. I thought about him night and day after he left, during Leo’s entire pregnancy, Leo’s birth, watching Leo grow up, watching him and Lucca playing, I talk to this little baby in my prayers. And I’m sure he’s with us all the time, because love is eternal and infinite!”, commented.

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