FIB Bank, CPI and Pastor

FIB Bank, CPI and Pastor

Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

THE FIB Bank, the company that provided the guarantee for the contract with the Ministry of Health of Preta Medications, was used by World Church of God’s power, by pastor Valdemiro Santiago, to drag a debt of R$ 12 million collected in court in São Paulo. The information is from Folha.

“A legal action even claimed that the letter of guarantee issued by the guarantor – and used by the church – was disreputable and without guarantee for the payment of the debt, perpetrating a practice of defrauding creditors already detected by the Justice and sent to the MPF (Federal Public Ministry ) for investigation.”

To the newspaper, FIB Bank stated that the letter was rejected by the courts and that, therefore, the document issued to the church was canceled by the company. “The denial of a judge does not change or invalidate the law that establishes it”, he said.

The church in Valdemiro has a partnership with Rede Brasil de Televisão, owned by Marcos Tolentino, to broadcast religious content for 12 hours of daily programming. The businessman is appointed by the CPI of Covid as a hidden partner of FIB Bank. He denies it.

Today, the senators will hear from Roberto Pereira Ramos Júnior, formal president of the company.

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