Flamengo asks for €5 million for 50% to negotiate João Gomes, Al Ain agrees, but payment method is still an obstacle | Venetian Column

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Posted 24/08/2021 20:37 | Updated 08/24/2021 20:48

Flamengo received an official proposal from Al Ain by defensive midfielder João Gomes, as reported at first hand by Jornal O Dia. The values ​​discussed between the clubs are still confidential. The report found, however, that Rubro-Negro asked for €5 million, about R$30 million for the quote, for 50% of the athlete’s economic rights. The team from the Emirates agreed to pay the figures requested by Rubro-Negro, but the form of payment is still an obstacle.

The red-black board understands that João Gomes is a player with great potential, who added and adds to the squad, but believes that, due to the athlete’s characteristics, such as short stature, it will hardly be possible for a European club interested to pay amounts like those that Al Ain accepts to pay for the steering wheel.

Despite the negotiation with Al Ain, João Gomes is normally related to the duel with Grêmio this Wednesday, for the Copa do Brasil, but he will hardly have the opportunity. Currently, the boy is behind Arão, Diego, Thiago Maia and Andreas, recently hired by Flamengo to act as the second defensive midfielder.

In the 2021 season, João Gomes played in 33 matches, scored two goals and gave two assists. Last year, when he appeared in the professional squad and was promoted to the main team, the midfielder played 14 matches, stood out and had an expansion of hiring to receive salary increases. The current bond of the red-black jewel runs until December 2025.