Fortnite: singer J. Balvin gets in-game skin | fortnite

Epic Games revealed, on Monday, the new skin of singer J. Balvin, which will arrive on August 26 at the store of Fortnite. The set includes the J. Balvin Costume, a gesture, a hang glider and a back accessory that also turns into a pickaxe. The Colombian will also have a championship that starts this Tuesday, players will have the chance to win the costume before the official launch.

Skin by J Balvin at Fortnite — Photo: Publicity/Epic Games

Players will be able to purchase the complete pack or purchase the items from the set individually. Apart from the standard version of the skin, two other alternative outfits will also be available in the store. One is the “En Fuego” caliente style and the other is the Skeleton style. The dance that is part of the ensemble is the Gesto Fiesta en el Ghetto, which comes with the song “In Da Getto” by J. Balvin and Skrillex.

If users want to participate in the championship, they will have to form pairs and score the highest number of points within three hours. Players will be able to compete in up to 10 matches, the royale victory is worth 42 points and for each elimination the pair will receive one point. The top finishers in each region will win the J. Balvin costume and accessory.

In addition to the championship, from August 26th to September 9th, the public will be able to celebrate with “La Fiesta”, an experience inspired by the singer that was created by a member of the community. Another experience called “La Familia”, which also refers to J. Balvin will be available between the 24th and 31st of August.