Fuso ranks Minas Gerais company among the largest in the car rental sector – Economy

MM's new store in Ita
MM’s new store in Itana should open by January 2022 (photo: Disclosure)

With the merger of MM Aluguel de Carros from Minas Gerais and Panda from São Paulo, the car rental sector group now has a market value of approximately R$ 800 million in assets and contracts. The transaction, announced on Monday (8/24), places them among the main players in the national market.

Together, they doubled the vehicle fleet, totaling 7,500 units. In the medium and long term, the group is projected to be among the top five in terms of mobility in the country. “We want accelerated growth because the market is not expecting it,” said MM CEO Marco Aurlio Nazar.

Investments should be focused on technology and sustainability. The first electric cars should arrive this year and supply points should be installed in larger cities.

This should increase competitiveness so that the major rental companies continue to duel. “The pillar of the high investment project so that we can have a leading company,” he said. The proposal is to deliver solutions for individuals and companies based on agility, simplicity and austerity in terms of customer spending.

“We are going to transform the 35 years of acquired know-how and expertise into mobility solutions for the future,” said Panda’s shareholder, Claudio Schincariol Neto.

million dollar investments

As part of the first investments, in the order of R$ 15 million, two stores should be opened. The first of them should be installed in Itana, in the Midwest of Minas Gerais, the main city where MM operates.

The store must have 6 thousand m² of built area. With the project thought of sustainability, the structure will house the company’s operating platform. The space must open no later than January 2022.

In the next 60 days, the first temporary store in Belo Horizonte should be launched. The seat itself should be lifted over the next year.

In addition to changing the sector, the merger should have an impact on job creation. The vacancies that should be opened have not yet been revealed, but the group is preparing to hire.

“This project will generate a lot of employment, mainly in the training and development of leaders, who are leaders with a high level of specialization, due to the market in which we work”, he anticipated.


From Itana, in the Midwest of Minas Gerais, MM has been in the market for 25 years. In the last 12 months, it had a growth of almost 30%. Focused on the legal entity, the company operates throughout the country with offices and representation in several states. It has its own stores in the host city and in Divinpolis, in the same region.

Panda de Itu, in the state of So Paulo, with a strong presence in the interior of São Paulo, in Vinhedo, Indaiatuba and Campinas/Viracopos. It’s been 35 years of experience with car rentals from individuals to legal entities. The company also works with fleet management.

*Amanda Quintiliano Special for MS