Gabriel Bandeira sets record in the 100m butterfly

Brazilian Gabriel Bandeira set a new Paralympic record during the qualifying of the 100m butterfly class S14, held this Tuesday at Brazilian time, in Tokyo. But he was the record holder for a short time. Three minutes later, the record was again surpassed.

The race, which had three heats, had three Paralympic record breaks, as this was the first time that the 100m butterfly in the S14 class is being played in the Paralympic Games. Thus, the first record holder was the winner of the first battery, the Australian Liam Schluter, who completed the race in 58s38.

Then it was the Brazilian’s turn. Gabriel won his heat in 56s78, improving the record by over a second and a half and qualifying for the final.

But then the Brit Reece Dunn, who is the world record holder, showed who is in charge of the competition. In the third and final heat, he won with 55s99, a time that remains as a Paralympic record at least until the final, which will be at night in Japan, in the morning in Brazil. His world record is 54s46.