Galaxy S22 may not have steam chamber cooling after cost cutting

Update (08/24/21) – JB

The Galaxy S22 lineup isn’t due for release until early next year, but more recent leaks have basically brought in all the specs for the three new models. Also, people who have access to Samsung’s plans have thrown a “bucket of cold water” at enthusiasts when it comes to cameras.

Now, the folks at Android Authority have discovered with new sources that Samsung should not implement vapor chamber cooling on the Galaxy S22 line. The reason? Costs cut.

While heat dissipation is an important factor in performance and user experience, Samsung also needs to offer an appropriate price for the devices. Therefore, the South Korean should opt for graphite “cushions”.

The graphite-based system will be implemented in all models. Thus, the manufacturer should not repeat the experience of the Galaxy Note 20 line, which was known for mixing the two cooling systems.

According to the folks at iFixit, graphite pads are as efficient as the copper-based vapor chamber. Commenting on the matter, an engineer at the site claimed that Samsung used the steam chamber while it was selling a good volume of devices, so the cost didn’t matter. However, the scenario is now different and this explains the abandonment of the solution.

For now, Samsung has not commented on the matter.

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Update (8/16/21) – JB

Galaxy S22: Leak brings specs for all three models, but no AMD technology

After the official launch of the new Galaxy Z line collapsibles, the market is now starting to focus on rumors involving the Galaxy S22 family. As much as the models will only reach the market in 2022, the first details of each device were revealed today.

If you expect flagships to have an AMD-developed GPU, it’s a good idea to “put your beard to soak”. That’s because industry sources say Samsung is likely to launch the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra with Snapdragon 898 processor in most markets.

Although the new Exynos is under development, mass production can be a challenge in this period of component shortages. So, as much as it counts on AMD GPU, Samsung can postpone the launch of the chipset, something that makes it not arrive in time for the S22 line.

If the South Korean decides to use its proprietary processor, it will be limited to the Ultra model.

Apart from the platform part, other specs that must be present in the S22 still include AMOLED screen and updated camera set.

For now, the Samsung has not confirmed the veracity of the leak. Thus, we emphasize that everything should be seen as just another market rumor.

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Update – 06/05/2021 – by EB

Galaxy S22: Samsung phone may have 10x zoom telephoto camera and AMD GPU

We’ve already talked about rumors about the Galaxy S22’s camera, which should come with Olympus lenses, but without a ToF sensor. Today we have new information that may indicate more camera features and specs for the S22. New sources mention that the camera can zoom up to 10x and the new Exynos processor can adopt an AMD GPU.

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Starting with the cameras, Ice Universe says that the main camera will be able to zoom in 2X, 4X or 20X, but that would still be limited to digital zoom on the Galaxy S22. On the other hand, the Galaxy S22 Ultra must have a periscopic camera, allowing it to reach an optical zoom of up to 10X without loss of quality.

As you can see above, the moving lens zoom system may have been developed by Samsung Electromechanics and Samsung LSI. It should allow a variable zoom from 3 to 10X. This change could represent a great revolution for the line, which would no longer use a second telephoto camera to achieve a similar result.

Speaking of the processor, the leaker still suggests that the Galaxy S22 should debut with the new Exynos 2200 with a new built-in AMD GPU. Although the statement sounds a bit radical, Inyup Kang, president of Samsung’s System LSI division already confirmed the partnership and development of this component in January, making it even more likely that we will see an even more refined Exynos in 2022.

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Finally, Ice Universe still says that the Galaxy S22 should debut with a camera under the screen, this being the first cell phone in the Galaxy S line with this new feature, which for now has only been marketed on the ZTE Axon 20 5G in China, which unfortunately disappointed with the new technology.

What are your expectations for the Galaxy S22? Tell us in the comments!

Original article – 04/19/2021

Galaxy S22: Samsung cell phone must not have cameras with built-in ToF sensor

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S22 only early next year, but speculation about its specifications is increasingly frequent. Today we had new information indicating that Samsung should abandon the ToF sensor on the cell phone, which last appeared on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Understand now what might motivate the manufacturer to adopt this idea.

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According to ETNews, Samsung’s main motivation for abandoning the sensor is that it doesn’t offer great advantages in photography. Furthermore, it is mentioned that consumers have accepted the absence of it well in the latest models in the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S21 lines.

The publication goes on to claim that the South Korean even considered integrating the ToF sensor into its camera suite because Apple added LiDAR to the iPhone 12, but that in the end Samsung chose not to actually include it in the next release. Galaxy S line.

Thus, Samsung’s new strategy must involve a partnership with Olympus to bring even more innovations in the photography sector of its cell phones, which are always directly compared in this regard with its competitors, especially with Apple cell phones.

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Finally, as Samsung has lost interest in using ToF sensors, its division in charge should focus on selling them to other Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi and Oppo, which are still interested in this technology that uses an infrared beam to gather information. depth of surfaces and objects in real time.

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