Game between Brazil and Argentina on September 5 in SP will have 12,000 fans; stadium crowd forecast was in November | São Paulo

The match between Brazil and Argentina for the World Cup qualifiers at Arena Corinthians, in the East Zone of São Paulo, will count on the presence of 12,000 fans, as announced by the state government on Tuesday (24).

The game is scheduled for Sept. 5 and is considered by the government as a “test event” with public presence after the Covid-19 pandemic.

On August 11, however, Governor João Doria (PSDB) had denied the participation of fans in this match or in others that took place before November 1st.

“There will be no anticipation of the public, of release of the public for the football stadiums, outside the deadline that has already been instructed. Nor for the game now in September, there will be no presence of fans in the stadium where the team will be performing”, he said Pain.

According to the Department of Sports of the government of São Paulo, the participation of fans is authorized as long as they present a negative test for the diagnosis of Covid-19 carried out within 48 hours before the event.

After departure, the entire audience will be tested and monitored for 15 days, the government said.

“The current scenario of the pandemic, with a decrease in the occupation of ICU beds to less than 40% throughout the state and the advance of vaccination, allows for test events to be carried out, with control and monitoring by experts,” he said in a statement. , the folder.

SP holds first test event aimed at post-pandemic reopening

SP holds first test event aimed at post-pandemic reopening

Fans released from November

On August 4, the government of São Paulo announced that from August 17, social events, museums and corporate fairs would be authorized, provided that they are controlled by the public, that do not generate agglomerations and that follow the protocols of health and hygiene.

Also on August 17, the time restrictions for holding events in the state were suspended, which had been with pre-defined closing times since March 2020, when the pandemic began.

Under the new rules, standing shows, crowds and dance floors remain prohibited until November 1, when 90% of adults must have been fully vaccinated in the state. On this date, according to the government, all events will be released in the state.

The government also announced that it would run 10 “test events” with quick surveys of the audience present. Among the events were planned business fairs and parties; there were no football games.

SP government announces back to stadiums as of November 1 — Photo: Reproduction/GESP