Gasoline liter price already reaches R$7 in three Brazilian states – News

Drivers who stopped to refuel their vehicles last week in the states of Acre, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul may have already found a liter of gasoline above R$ 7, according to the most recent collection by the ANP (National Agency Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels).

The highest cost of filling up with gasoline, R$7,189 per liter, was found at two stations located in the municipality of Bagé (RS), where there are six establishments that charge more than R$7 per liter of fuel.

In practice, it means to say that when stopping at the gas station to fill a 50 liter tank with gasoline in the city of Rio Grande do Sul, it is possible that it may be necessary to pay up to R$ 359.45.

In other states, the price per liter of gasoline above R$7 is located at a gas station in the city of Barra Mansa (RJ), whose price is R$7,059, and at another nine in Cruzeiro do Sul (AC), where the amounts charged vary between R$7.110 and R$7.130.

On the other hand, the lowest amount charged for gasoline in Brazil was located in Bauru, in the interior of São Paulo. On site, the supply costs R$ 4.990 per liter.

When filling the 50 liter tank on site, the driver pays around R$ 250, 30% (almost R$ 110) less than the most expensive gas station in the country, located in Rio Grande do Sul.

On average, the price paid for a liter of gasoline in Brazil last week rose 1.53% and reached R$ 5.956, approaching the BRL 6 mark for the first time.

On the same basis of comparison, the highest average cost of fuel, R$ 6.485, afflicts drivers who pass through Rio de Janeiro. The smallest, R$ 5,143, in Amapá.