Giant tortoise catches, kills and eats baby bird [vídeo]

Turtles are known for an herbivorous diet. In other words, they don’t feed on meat. However, in a video published by the University of Cambridge (UK), a turtle appears attacking a bird, an eccentric behavior that caught the attention of experts.

Images shot on Fregate Island in the Indian Ocean show a turtle attacking and eating a baby tern. Dr. Justin Gerlach, a research scientist in Zoology at Cambridge University, conducted a study based on the images.

“The giant turtle chased the baby tern along a log, finally killing the baby tern and eating it. It was a very slow encounter, with the turtle moving at its normal slow pace. All interaction it lasted seven minutes”, pointed out the researcher. See the video:

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The expert theorized that unusual conditions on the island may have influenced this behavior: “Currently, the combination of swallows and giant turtle populations on Frégate Island is unusual, but our observation highlights that when ecosystems are restored, totally unexpected interactions can appear. between species, things that probably happened commonly in the past, but we’ve never seen them before,” he explained.

Source: Cambridge University

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