Gil do Vigor breaks Globo’s protocol live and clashes with attitude involving William Bonner

Gil of Vigor
Gil do Vigor breaks Globo’s protocol and takes action involving William Bonner (Image: Reproduction – Globo / Editing – RD1)

Gil of Vigor, of Big Brother Brazil 2021, it was the talk of the last one monday (23rd) due to an attitude he took during his participation in Mesão da Esperança, of the Child Hope.

Known for his eccentric way, the economist broke the protocols of Globe live and declared to none other than William Bonner. The unusual scene took place during the exhibition of Jornal Nacional.

“It’s been a dream. You can’t present anything, because I’m going to die live, right? And we want joy. But it’s a dream, because I’m passionate about the program, especially talking about education. Its a blessing! William, I love you!”, fired the ex-brother.

Internet users, as it could not be different, echoed what happened on social networks.Gil doesn’t miss the opportunity to say that he loves William”, joked a follower.

He’s entertainment in person, it’s natural to him. Too much“, pointed out another. Gil of Vigor sending ‘William, I love you’ in the middle of JN represents me!”, added a third person.

Bonner, it should be remembered, does not hide from anyone how much he admires Gilberto Nogueira. Earlier this year, the journalist even quoted a catchphrase of Pernambuco during JN.

I’ve been at Jornal Nacional since 1996, 25 years ago. I was thinking here… If 25 years ago I had gone to a fortune teller and she had told me the news that I’m going to read to you now, I would be furious, I would be ‘outraged’, as Gil do Vigor of the ‘BBB’”, said the anchor on the occasion.

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