Gracyanne Barbosa opines on Lula’s “turned legs”, points out a curious detail in a photo and challenges Bolsonaro: “I’ve already got my popcorn”

This week, the web found out that Lula doesn’t skip the day at the gym! A photo showing the ex-president’s great physical shape went viral and became a meme immediately. Now, fitness muse Gracyanne Barbosa was asked if she approved of the PT’s “turned” legs. Showing that he is on top of the current affairs and joining in the fun, Gracyanne gave his opinion about Lula’s physique, pointed out a curious detail and even launched a challenge to Jair Bolsonaro. Keep looking!

“I found Lula’s shapely legs and the jokes like ‘Are you happy, Gracyanne’ amazing. I always feel inspired and strong when I see people from different professions taking care of themselves and taking their healthy image to their followers. Nothing better for the moment than to reinforce health care”, she said in an interview with Splash, from UOL.

Taking the opportunity, the muse took the opportunity to point out a detail in the photo. “In this political polarization, it’s fun to see memes and something light about the subject. Did you notice that Lula’s thigh is on the left?”, questioned. And still amended with a challenge for Bolsonaro: “It would be fun if Bolsonaro suddenly showed his right arm. What’s up? I’ve already got my popcorn and prepared my whey protein to accompany the development”. So, Naro, are you excited for the maromba challenge? Hahahaha

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remember the meme

Last weekend, the fiancée of former president Lula, Rosângela da Silva, published a photo of the couple traveling through Ceará, but what really caught the attention were Lula’s thighs. In the record made by Ricardo Stuckert, Janja, as she is known, wrote: “Good night with this full moon in Ceará”. The couple was smiling and the former president appears only in a T-shirt and swim trunks, well stripped. In addition, he had his leg supported, which highlighted the firm musculature of his thigh. The workout is up to date! The photo, so far, has accumulated more than 71 thousand likes.

On Twitter, netizens took advantage of a lot… Some wanted to discover the name of the politician’s personal trainer. Others were even inspired to return to academia. “The number of Brazilians practicing physical exercise tripled after a photo of Lula with his leg out”, wrote a profile. “Lula’s photo even motivated me not to skip the leg training day”said another. “Today it was so hard that I called it ‘Lula’s leg training'”, wrote one more. Brazilians deserve an award for creativity, right? hahaha Check out the reactions:

After all the repercussion, the ex-president’s profile reacted with good humor on social networks — and even passed his training routine! “From Monday to Friday. 6 am”, wrote the team. Who will join in order to get a leg too?