Guardiola reveals ‘next step’ in the national team, answers about taking over Brazil and says what he thinks of Tite’s team: ‘Fantastic’

Pep Guardiola wants to take over a selection after leaving the Manchester City. According to him, it is defined that this will be his “next step”, even if he doesn’t have a favorite team. Could Brazil be a possibility? For him yes, although I don’t believe it will.

“A selection will be the next step, yes. It’s the next step”, he summed up, at an event of “XP Investimentos”, before completing on Brazil. “I believe that the coach of the Brazilian team will always be Brazilian, I don’t see a foreigner in teams like Brazil.”

“I don’t think of any. But after seven years on this team, I think I will have a break. I’ll have to stop for a while, see what we’ve done, review inspirations. And, in this process, I would like to coach a team, South American, European… To play a Copa America, I want to have this experience”, evaluated the coach, also evaluating Tite’s current team.

“See, current teams will always lose to history. If you compare this Brazil with Pelé, with the 1994 champion… The current one will always lose. But if you ask me what I think of Tite’s selection… Fantastic. Some are my players, others rivals, but it’s fantastic.”

“If you compare it to the past, teams from the past always win because they don’t play anymore. But Brazil is always the favorite, in Copa America, in the Cup. It always was and always will be. It is part of their culture”.

Guardiola even placed Brazil as one of the favorites to win the world Cup in Qatar in 2022 – but not betting. “We are in Brazil, right? I have to say Brazil. But I don’t know, I have no idea. Favorites are the usual ones. In the Cup, matches are a bit random. As the teams arrive, the mood is short… . I hope it’s a good Cup”.

And yet about the Brazilian team, Guardiola took the opportunity to praise the team that played in the 1982 World Cup. “We are here to win titles, as in every company. If not, we would close. But in sport, there’s the thrill. One player, one team, can generate emotion for millions of people. In 1982, I was little, I was in Catalonia, with the Cup happening, and I remember that all the people were with Brazil. Nobody was Brazilian.”

“Why? Because they liked that team. Zico, Jorginho, Falcão, Cerezo… The people cheered for Brazil. They lost, Italy were champions… But it’s like the Netherlands in 1978, they didn’t win, but everyone remembers more than the champion. Because they produce emotion.”

“When you get that and you’re still a champion, wow, it’s great. But I remember Pelé’s Brazil too, by Garrincha, Brazil has always been a pioneer in football and always will be. When a player stops, there are five that are even better than the previous one. I was very lucky to be a partner and train many Brazilians. They are people I love.”