Gugu’s daughters accuse Aparecida Liberato of manipulation and lies

The twins of presenter Gugu Liberato (1959-2019), after being emancipated, decided to tell the whole truth about their mother’s relationship with the presenter.

According to an exclusive video and documents obtained by the Leo Dias column, Gugu’s daughters never agreed with their aunt Aparecida Liberato, who insists that there was no stable union between their mother and father.


Marina and Sofia, after realizing that the lawyer hired by Aparecida did not share information about the process and did not listen to them in relation to the common-law marriage, decided to ask for emancipation and hired a lawyer to include in the process the truth about the relationship between the mother and the dad.

According to Sofia’s testimony, she says:

“My aunt and the lawyers say that my mother didn’t have a stable relationship with my father, but they did, we were a family and the only ones who know the truth are us, I don’t know why they don’t recognize my sea as my father’s partner , because I recognize it”.

Complete Marina:

“Before they wanted to talk to me, but when I disagreed with them, they didn’t want to anymore. They said that they will never accept that my mother was my father’s partner and that it was for us not to get involved in anything”.

In the documents of the process Marina and Sofia also state that they clearly notice that João is being influenced and manipulated by Tia Aparecida and that the aunt is taking advantage of the state of vulnerability that Gugu’s heir is in.