Gui Napolitano reveals death threats while dating Gabi Martins

Model Gui Napolitano, who became known throughout the country for his participation in “BBB 20” and “No Limite”, revealed that he even suffered death threats during the period he dated singer Gabi Martins, who also participated in the last year’s edition of the program led by Tiago Leifert – the two, by the way, formed a couple within the reality show.

In an interview for the podcast “PodDar Prado”, hosted by Gabi Prado on YouTube, the ex-BBB opened the game about a portion of the fans, both him and Gabi Martins, who do not respect the history lived between them, have already crossed the line. and they even made attacks on their friends.

According to Napolitano, there was an occasion when he took two very close friends with him to a concert, but in order to avoid confusion with the fans, he asked them not to post anything on social media. Later, he was advised by his mother “to stop being held hostage by people I didn’t know, who thought they knew about my life and didn’t [de nada]”.

“I have two friends who are family and there came a point where I was getting so worried about the attacks they were getting that I went to a show and took them both, but I asked not to post on social media. home, my mother questioned why they hadn’t recorded anything. My mother called me and said it was time for me to stop being held hostage by people I didn’t know, who thought they knew about my life and didn’t. moved me a lot,” he reported.

Finally, Gui Napolitano said that he was the target of persecution even when he went to the mall, and says that some fans went so far as to go to the profiles of women who liked his photos on social networks.

“Any woman who’s going to comment on my photo will the guys attack? It’s not right! There are people who are intense on both sides for good and for evil. They made my life hell, they put people behind me. I received a threat. of death, you know?” he declared.

Currently, the model maintains a relationship with Catherine Bascoy and not even his current one escaped the attacks. However, the ex-No Limite guarantees that he “learned to deal” with this type of situation.